Initial thoughts about Samsung Gear – Smartwatch

I was eagerly awaiting for Samsung to announce their smartwatch. After looking at the first version of Samasung Gear I don’t think it fits into the watch category. It is more like a mini LCD device strapped onto your wrist. Watch needs to be something that you just want to glance at for ‘current time’ or some other ‘notifications’. If I really want to interact with all those messages, I would rather take out my phone instead of squinting my eyes to work on a small screen. Also having  a full colored screen with flashy and bright colors, I don’t want to get distracted all the time while doing other activities.

For me smartwatch is something that I just look at for less than a second. It may be good to act as a pedometer for athletes who don’t want to wear a watch, a pedometer device such as Nike fuel or fitbit.  I am not sure what purpose it solves to bring games and so many other apps to the small device aka smartwatch. The price tag of $300 is not too high for a luxury watch but Samsung Gear really doesn’t provide any added benefits to justify spending that amount of money.

A watch needs to be minimalist device. Lets wait what Apple brings to the market with iWatch.

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